The position of the Co-President requires much organization, planning and delegating. To successfully take-up this position, the candidate will support other Executive members, liaise with various groups and lead the 2016-2017 student experience.
This position requires the candidate’s attendance at NPSIA faculty meetings, which are held monthly. At these meetings, the candidate can expect to provide updates to the faculty on the Student Association projects and receive and provide feedback on relevant initiatives. You will also be consulted on all votes (as the Students’ Association has two votes) and may be asked for your input and help on upcoming faculty/student projects.
This position also requires the candidate’s dedication to acting on student concerns and suggestions. For instance, the 2015-2016 Student Association had provided surveys to the student body to receive their feedback on academic and social experiences. In the event of larger issues facing the student body, the Co-Presidents are the representatives that will be expected to bring these issues to the administration.
Within the Students’ Association, the Co-Presidents must provide a direction to the Executive team and ensure that all Executives have the support they need. When large projects are being undertaken (such as a large social event or academic conferences), it will be expected that the Co-Presidents will assist where needed.
Overall, the position of Co-President offers an amazing experience to work closely with another NPSIAn (your fellow Co-President). You will get to help plan events for the students and will ensure the student body’s concerns are  represented to the faculty. You will provide the direction for the Students’ Association and ensure all Executives are supported in their responsibilities.
The candidate must keep on top of their school responsibilities in order to be the “jack-of-all trades” that is necessary for this position. Enthusiasm is key to creating an exciting student-life experience. Being in this position offers the candidate rewarding interactions and connections with fellow students, faculty members and like-minded professions.
This position is truly a rewarding opportunity that will enhance your NPSIA experience and future endeavours!!
For more information, please contact your current Co-Presidents Molly Grove (molly.grove@ and Alex Berryman (alex.berryman@