This year I served as Secretary on the NPSIA Students’ Association, which entailed the following duties:

  1. Scheduling meetings for the Executive Council and for the NPSIA student body;
  2. Booking rooms for all meetings;
  3. Preparing agendas for all meetings, and consulting with other executives and students to ensure that issues of importance to them are addressed;
  4. Taking minutes at the meetings and distributing them as soon as possible to executive and/or general members;
  5. Acting as the key liaison between executive members, students, faculty, and administration;
  6. Performing other administrative tasks as required.

In a nutshell, the Secretary serves as a facilitator for the rest of the Executive Council, making sure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan. A lot of the work is performed behind-the-scenes, but it’s an indispensable role that’s designed to make everyone’s life as easy as possible.

The key skills that you need as Secretary are organization, time management, and communication. You also can’t be shy about asking questions and keeping your ears on the ground.

Secretary is an awesome position that allows you to build valuable skills, and that also permits a lot of flexibility. The Secretary’s job seems routine on paper, but it’s really a catch-all position that allows you to get involved in things like the Academic Conference, Alumni Lunches, and other initiatives.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the NPSIA Students’ Association (and I would absolutely encourage you to!) and you want more insight into the Secretary’s job, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at