Quite simply, the Treasurer is responsible for six main roles:

  1. Tracks all inflows and outflows of money in the NPSIA SA bank account (preferably using excel);
  2. Oversees the NPSIA Printer Station in the Resource Center;
    1. This involves tracking usage, restocking toner ink, and making sure people pay for their usage;
  4. Makes purchases on behalf of the SA;
  5. Presents Regular financial updates to the executive, at least monthly during the school year;
  6. Be aware of any other SA activities involving money;

This is a pivotal role to hold mainly because without proper and diligent money management, the structure and function of the SA will crumble (no exaggeration).

If you fancy yourself someone with OCD, a penchant for nagging others, and a fondness of Microsoft excel, then this job is perfect for you.

This role is also great for those who want to be a jack of all traits. Since most of the roles are habitual and regular, the Treasurer is able to devote some time and energy towards helping with a variety of other tasks that their colleagues may need an extra hand with.